Setup guide

1. Setup mobile profile

Automatic selection of the mobile operator and profile may not be available on some mobile phones or they can select a wrong or unstable profile. In case if it happened with your phone, please use this information to setup your phone manually.


  • Open phone "Settings"
  • Find and open "Phone" menu
  • Open "SIM programs" (SIM applications) menu
  • Clik "Profiles" item
  • Select correct profile


  • Find and open "Sim MENU" (Sim Toolkit) application
  • Click "Profiles" item
  • Select correct profile

You can find a list of your country’s operators that we have contracts with, and possible profiles for them in our operators base.

2. Setup access point name (APN)

To enable data please set your APN phone settings to: miracletelecom

If you can't configure APN directly in your phone please use: