Refund policy

Last updated on February 11, 2018

About Miracle Tele

Miracle Tele, hereafter referred to as the Company or We, is a mobile virtual network operator that offers worldwide calls and Internet in just one SIM card, hereafter referred to as the Services, and fuses it with tokenization of the company’s assets by introducing TELE token.

This Refund Policy constitutes an integral part of the Miracle Tele Terms of Use and Token Sale Agreement and shall not be read or quoted on its own without the aforementioned documents.

1. General Conditions

We have prepared this Refund Policy for purposes of informing you about our refund practises for Miracle Tele services and Miracle Tele tokens as well as return practises of Miracle Tele SIM cards.

All purchases of international call and traffic plans from Miracle Tele by members, whether unlimited or pay-as-you-go, as well as all purchases of Miracle Tele tokens shall be considered as purchases of non-tangible goods and shall not be included in categories of financial or securities instruments, investment products, or company share, stocks, and derivatives.

Therefore, with reference to the foregoing, all purchases of international call and traffic plans from Miracle Tele and/or Miracle Tele tokens are final and non-refundable.

And though we do not provide refunds of Miracle Tele services and Miracle Tele tokens, you can ask for a free-of-charge return of your Miracle Tele SIM card in case if you received it in a damaged state. Please read more about the return conditions for Miracle Tele SIM cards below in this document.

2. Refunds

As it was explicitly indicated above, all purchases of international call and traffic plans from Miracle Tele and/or Miracle Tele tokens—irrespective of the payment method the customer chose to use for the purchase of such services or tokens—are final and non-refundable.

3. Returns of Damaged SIM Cards

In case if you received your SIM card order in a damaged state, whether with a damaged packaging or damaged SIM card, or in case if the SIM card you received does not work, please get in touch with us at

If this is the case, please don’t forget to save the damaged packaging or SIM card, which you will need to demonstrate to us in order to be sent a new SIM card free of charge.

We shall not be responsible for any fees, commissions, or taxes that the customs of this or that country may apply to your SIM card order. All such fees, commissions, or taxes that may be applied to your SIM card order shall be paid solely by the customer.

Please be sure to get familiar with our Shipping Policy in order to find out detailed information about how we ship and deliver Miracle Tele SIM cards as well as about returns of Miracle Tele SIM cards.

4. Notices

We may communicate with you about changes made to this Refund Policy or any other issues associated with the Company or the Services via displaying or sending you messages using the Miracle Tele Website.

5. Changes in This Refund Policy

We may make amendments in this Refund Policy when we update our conditions and terms for refunds of our services or returns of damaged SIM card orders. In case if there are important changes made to this document, we will inform you about such changes being introduced and taking effect via the communication channels that are indicated in the previous section of this Refund Policy.

We recommend you to review this Refund Policy on a regular basis in order to stay aware of changes that may be introduced to this document.

6. Contact Miracle Tele

In case if you have any questions concerning this Refund Policy, the Company, or the Services, please be sure to send us a message at